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Darek says that it was when their children were born that he became more creative and felt like building something completely new. That is when he stepped out from behind his camera and started playing with tree-dimensional forms. Shapes began to appear in his head – round, without sharp edges, velvety smooth and coming together on top like a fancy ladder.


As it happens in real life, things were not always peachy and the beginning was especially challenging. The first shapes of Frisk furniture were the result of collaboration between Darek and Robert, the founders of Plywood Project. At certain point, obstacles started to build up and they weren’t able to tackle them together. Tough decisions were taken and ultimately it was Darek who took Plywood Project on his shoulders and introduced a number of changes to designs and work processes. This is how the new Frisk furniture collection, ready to conquer the world, was created.

The world of photography and the world of furniture are very different. One is ruled by light and creative approach to the subject; the second requires calculations, technical details and data analysis. Fortunately on his way Darek met the right man, his uncle and namesake, who took his time to introduce Darek to the secrets of furniture making – production, optimization and the right tools. Without this uncle, Darek would not have created a brand that you can find today in every corner of the world.

Rapid development of the company brought Kasia on board. She loves to keep several balls in the air so among other things Kasia makes sure that their team love what they do, the communication with the growing family of Frisk owners runs smoothly and the photos of our pieces look stunning. In this duo, Kasia overlooks the big picture and Darek looks after the details.

Kasia, Darek and the team want every piece of furniture that comes out of their Poznań workshop to be perfect. What’s more, they would like the customers to feel that there are real furniture enthusiasts on the other side of the online store, willing to help and advise. High quality of both, the furniture and the communication with the customers is the top priority. The numerous opinions from all over the world confirm that this is the right approach.




The style of Plywood Project brand brings to mind Scandinavian simplicity with a dose of Slavic fantasy, best exemplified by the light openwork legs, the basis of our pieces. The very design of the Frisk system lets you be as flexible as you like: it allows you to transform a piece of furniture into another one with few tweaks for example a bookcase can become a desk and drawers or vinyl box can replace a cabinet in just a few minutes. You can also add another piece to your collection and still remain unique. You can read more about the Frisk furniture system HERE.


All products are made to order to maintain sustainable production and warehouse management. They are sanded and oiled by hand in our Poznan workshop and the only mechanical part of the production process is cutting out the elements. Selected materials and components ensure durability and quality and guarantee use for many years.



Plywood Project team’s work can be found on every continent (We are still waiting for your order Antarctica :D). Our clients from Europe, the Middle East and the USA appreciate the design of Darek’s furniture. The mid-century style fits perfectly in the interior of a small oceanfront cottage as well as the top floor of a skyscraper in Dubai. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, Frisk pieces adapt to your space and needs: they can optimize work in a small apartment in the center of New York City, but also gain gigantic dimensions, filling a huge estate in the middle of Albuquerque.


This story wouldn’t be complete without children. As Kasia and Darek say: “children are the main driving force behind our actions and the best quality testers. After their birth, Plywood Project brand acquired a new meaning and shape in our heads. They made us focus on quality in all aspects of our lives. Olek and Ania make us enjoy the smallest successes and appreciate the importance of details in everything we do. It is a very special feeling to see our kids and the company grow.”

PLYWOOD Project is a family you can join and the bond will not end with the completion of the transaction. Enter our world and enjoy the best quality and timeless design with us.


Let’s arrange your space together.