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We know how important it is to could customize and personalize the furniture, so that they fit your needs and the character of a space. No matter how big or small is the space you want to arrange. We make sure that the furniture you order meet (or exceed!) your expectations.

Below few examples of the customised furniture we made for our customers:

Office wall unit with customized desk with drawers

Office wall unit with customized desk with drawers

Used furniture: 2x bookcase Maxi Slim with drawers, customised desk based on Maxi side panels with drawers and shelves module.



Sideboard with customised side panels based on 690 and 460 boxes


Used: 2x 690 box with drawers, 460 box with open cabinet, customised side panels 116 cm height (size between Mini and Midi)


Sideboard based on MAXI side panels with 4 boxes

Used: Maxi side panels, 2 boxes 690 with an open cabinet, 2 modified boxes 690 with a cabinet (changed depth and glass-panelled fronts)


Desk Maxi with 120 cm width drawers and lowered stool 460

Used: Maxi side panels, counter of desk with drawers, stool 460



We give you the choice of several color options for wood finishing. At the moment we offer the following colors: antic oak, walnut, oak, light oak, transparetn (below photo shows the offered colors). Please take into account the fact that the colors may slightly differ from the sampler.

If after viewing the samplers you are not 100% sure of the colors, order samples of selected wood colors or upholstery materials to dispel all doubts.

Choose samples that interest you, write to us and we will send them to you. The samples are free if after receiving them you order our product (cost of the samples will be subtracted from the product price). Write to us at


We give you the opportunity to choose the color of the upholstery fabric.

Below are the samplers marked with symbols. If you want to change the color of the furniture, please include such information in the comments when ordering.



In addition to the above-mentioned methods of customization, we are also open to your ideas and suggestions like the one below.

Bespoke project with higher side panels (230 cm height), built-in bench adjusted to the window’s width and glass-panelled cabinet.

If you would like to modify our system or suggest a new configuration, please contact us with your own proposal: or +48 790 246 112

When buying a piece of furniture, you should take into account the fact that plywood is not a repetitive material – each piece has unique rings and knots patterns. Therefore, every piece of furniture made of plywood produced by us will have a unique and individual character.