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Furniture fo living room
16 November 2021

Plywood furniture by Plywood Project

Frisk furniture – unusual furniture for the living room



Frisk furniture is an innovative series of products that will allow you to create an interesting space in the Scandinavian style. The furniture in this collection gives great options for arranging a living room. Pieces are extremely simple and yet they have an interesting shape. Their size allows you to freely arrange smaller spaces.

Thanks to their side legs, pieces such as a sideboard or a bookcase are easy to move around, which can be a great convenience for those who like to often change the layout of their rooms. The side legs in the sideboards and bookcases also serve as support for books placed vertically on the highest shelves. Both the sideboard and the bookcase allow for an effective presentation of the home library or vinyl collection. FRISK furniture pieces can be easily combined with each other. For example, a combination of armchairs and a sofa with a coffee table creates a lovely space where you can chat with friends sipping your favorite coffee. You can also add a UFO stool, whose upholstery-free version can be used to display home flowers. The armchair with a bookcase or sideboard will be a small library where you can sit back and read or listen to music. More advanced arrangements are a combination of bookcases, sideboards and desks thanks to our FRISK FURNITURE system that gives the possibility of combining our furniture with modules to form drawers and cabinets etc.

Furniture fo living room

Furniture fo living room

Plywood furniture

FRISK furniture is entirely made of birch plywood. Plywood furniture has a characteristic “side” where layers of wood are visible, unheard of in other materials used to construct furniture. We offer furniture finish with natural oils in several color options – available colors can be viewed in the Customize your furniture section. Some pieces, like armchairs and sofas are upholstered, which makes them very comfortable. Solid, subdued colors of upholstery materials will give your spaces elegance and individual character.

The most important features of FRISK furniture

– Innovative furniture in the Scandinavian style, giving the space character

– simple, minimalistic shapes

– the ability to choose color of plywood and fabrics – customization of furniture according to your interior

– suitable for small interiors

– very simple and fast to assemble